About the Photographer

As many a boy growing up in East Texas, Jim Pease learned to hunt small birds with a Daisy BB gun at 8
years of age. It was 1972. His parents bought him his
first camera, a Polaroid Swinger, that same year. By 14,
he had graduated to .22 rifles, shotguns, and a 35mm
SLR camera.

He began to realize that you could track, hunt and shoot animals in the wild using a camera rather than a gun. Good close-proximity wildlife photos required more skill and sport than did guns and bullets, while no innocent creatures suffered.

After receiving an MFA in film and video production from UCLA, Jim worked for years as an editor in broadcast television. Transitioning from moving images to still, he has more recently taught photography at the college level and worked as an event and celebrity photographer.
In the future he hopes to do more editorial work and photojournalism, while continuing his
own personal book project.

A longtime resident of Los Angeles, Jim continues to follow his instincts as a hunter/gatherer
in seeking out “decisive moments,” order from chaos, and unapologetically, pretty colors and light in his work as a photographer. He shoots both digital and film, using Nikon DSLRs,
a Plaubel Makina 67, and a Crown Graphic 4x5 view camera.

Now a friend to animals everywhere, Jim has not hunted with a gun in over twenty years,
and thanks you for visiting this site.